Hey! I’m SenG “The Global Exhibition Consultant”

Spending 20 years in the exhibition industry has been a ride no less than a roller coaster! Seeing exhibitors struggling to find one-stop exhibiting house to plan and execute end­-to-end trade show participation is the reason of my existence today in the industry! Hey, I’m SenG- YOUR GLOBAL EXHIBITION CONSULTANT. Manifesting my EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, and GLOBAL EXISTENCE is my SUPERPOWER that you can access with a simple ping! Turning you decision to participate in global trade shows in to a master plan is my responsibility. It starts with your brief submission- soon I take over the project while turning difficulty into feasibility, operational inefficiencies into strategic execution on the show floor, sourced material into revenue and your participation into driving clients and business!

I begin with evaluating possible marketing opportunities and further adapting the right approach to communicate your message with the targeted audience. All in all, I bring in exclusive set of knowledge, skills, and techniques in order to meet your project requirements and objectives. Still not convinced?

Your New Superpower To Exhibit Across The Globe

Exhibit Globally

Is your defined audience present globally? If so, take a step forward to maximise your clientele. Exhibit Globally with a trade show booth partner who goes beyond boundaries to display your brand in different parts of the world. Now going international to exhibit in leading trade shows while sitting back at home is possible!

SenG As Your Brand Representative

Exhibiting comes with a list of tasks (at times with several difficulties). Churning down such difficulties while maintaining your brand representation on the show floor is now SenG’s responsibility! Which means you have the real time assistance of a global exhibition consultant to boost your participation in numerous exhibitions.

Annual Show Calendar

Marking a global presence is a long drill that requires continuous participation. And what could be better than exhibiting in international trade shows? Here SenG will do the home work of finding similar industry trade fairs on your behalf in which you can participate and mark your global presence all across the globe.

Best You Can Achieve With Global Exhibition Consultant

Adding SUPERPOWERS to your participation in global exhibition shows gives me the pump to achieve best results for you. So, don’t you worry about anything because I will do all the hard work on your behalf! Starting off with, making your participation an experiential marketing moment, I will assist you in casting in the top-notch list of exhibitors with my expertise. Being your exhibiting partner, I will also assist you in accumulating branding and marketing strategies- capable to drive target audience, maximised leads, and objectives in your check-list. Why I’m sensing confusion in your head? Ummm…
Oh wait wait! I got you…..!
Of course, The SUPERPOWERS!!!!
Exhibition Global Consultant is introduced at the first place to offer exhibitors superpowers to EXHIBIT ACROSS THE GLOBE AND BEYOND BOUNDRIES!



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